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The art of Heinrich Campendonk

The Penzberg Museum specialises in the youngest member of the “Blue Rider” group of artists, the painter Heinrich Campendonk (1889-1957). He arrived in Upper Bavaria in 1911 at the invitation of Franz Marc and August Macke. He was fascinated by the Penzberg pattern of housing which reflected the social character of a coal-mining town at the beginning of the 20th century. The houses and colliery became recurrent motifs in Campendonk´s paintings.


A significant part of the estate came to Penzberg in 2010 on a permanent loan basis. A selection of his art is shown every year in exhibitions which always also include further works lent by international museums and private individuals. During the winter the museum is dedicated to Contemporary Art.


The museum will be expanding in the coming year to do justice to this artist. In this November 2013 the museum closes for a period of building activities so that a permanent exhibition of works by Heinrich Campendonk can probably be inaugurated in winter 2014/15 - in a new second buliding of our museum.



Further information, including offers for tourists


The comprehensive Campendonk catalogues from 2007/08 are available at the museum.


NEW: „Unten Schwarz & Oben Blau“ / “Black on the Ground & Blue in the Sky” is a catalogue and audio guide for children, published by Horncastle Verlag especially for the Penzberg Museum. The audio guide in German is available at the museum.

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